Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Up to our ears in cement

This is my neighbor Omaru. The supervisor gave him a job as one of the builders. He is making 1250 cfa a day including lunch, about $3.50, which is a decent wage considering this is one of those countries where people live on a dollar a day. He is feeling good no doubt and that comes through in the way he is standing I think, he says "I look nice holding this shovel."

This is a picture of the builders. Nasiru is in the red cap and he is bringing the two masons, Maman Sani and Malam Moussa, cement as they lay another layer of bricks. Maman Ado looks on to make sure its all going to plan.

This is a photo of the two classrooms from a distance. They are each 35 feet by 20 feet, which is an excellent amount of space for the kids and the teacher and a vast improvement over the grass huts.


Construction is progressing smoothly. The city is carrying big drums of water on ox carts every morning and afternoon up to the construction site. The builders are showing up every morning to mix cement and carry bricks for the two masons as they plumb a line and bring the walls higher. The supervisor comes to check on progress and he orders more supplies from Zinder as they are needed. At this pace the school should be completed before the Ramadan fast begins around August 22nd.

The weather is much more comfortable because it began raining about two weeks ago. The heat is managable now and the farmers are happy. They are going out to the fields everyday to tend to their millet and bean plants. If things continue like they are there will be two new classrooms and a good harvest, which means momentum in a good direction. I will post more pictures and updates soon. I hope you are all well.

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