Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The struggle

For about two weeks the internet all over town has been down and I am not sure when it will be fixed. I am engaged in a very frustrating battle to write this message, but a short cease fire has been signed and it appears I am able to post an update on the building project.

The second phase is underway.
The ground floor cement has been laid and the metal roof is scheduled to be put on next week. We are shooting to be finished before the Ramadan fast that begins in 24 days (on the next new moon)and that is also about the time I will be able to update this site again. I will take pictures during the final phases of construction and I will post them all as soon as I am able too.
The builder has kept the project running smoothly even through the very good farming season. The community has also put forth a ton of effort carrying sand and water before going out to the fields to put in a full days work farming. I hope all is well with you in America. I will be in touch.

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