Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Fast has begun

A picture of the classrooms and the big acacia tree.

They work quickly and on narrow scaffolding. The masons are up while the gofers hand them cement and blocks. They are doing excellent work.

This is a picture of the building supplies we are using. The water and sand are carried from the garden by my villagers, (Their contribution) and the cement and all the tools are stored in the existing school building.

Ramadan has begun, but the classrooms are not finished. At this point all of the doors and windows are in. The roof has been put on and all of the plastering inside and out has been finished. All that remains to be finished is cementing the floors, painting the inside, and putting in the false ceiling. The construction will not be stopping because the workers have decided to continue during the fast. I do not have any pictures past the completion of the walls, but hope to take some soon. I am heading back out to Kilalloum today and will be working hard to get the building finished. Wish us luck. I have also posted more pictures on my facebook page of the construction project as well as other work that I am doing over here. If you are interested take a look.