Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It's Finished!

The school is finished. The roof is secure, the walls are strong, and it is covered with a beautiful coat of paint. I want to thank everyone who donated money to the project. Your generosity has changed the village of Killaloum. With better facilities the children will get a better education and the entire community will move towards a healthier future. All of us here in Niger want to say thank you. MUN GODE!

The 5th grade class at the Barmari Primary School thanking you all for the two new classrooms.

The builder and I posing in front of the new classrooms.

A picture of Madam Rikia teaching the 2nd level class in one of the new classrooms. Yakouba glances back at just the right time!

This is the first level class in their new classroom. They will be studying french and math all year!

The new school yard. Instead of just the one classroom, now there are three. It is hard to express how great this is. Friends and family from America coming together to improve the lives of my friends in Niger.


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